Welcome to Monta Vista High School!

Our club, New Student Support, is a Monta Vista school service club that is dedicated to supporting all new students, students who would like to connect with Monta Vista and American culture, and students who are currently living with limited parental support.

Professional Support

Our club meetings invite professional guest speakers such as guidance counselors, librarians, therapists, community professionals, and Monta Vista teachers. Our guest speakers are selected according to the needs and requests of our staff and students.

Peer Support

Our club meetings include student speakers who will promote and support social connection through small and large group discussion. Translators are available at all of the club meetings. The student club members provide a supportive environment that welcomes peer concerns such as fashion, school social events, course selection, and American culture.

Social Connection

Our club provides a casual social setting for students to bring their friends as well as meet new ones. Through club meals, movies, games and casual conversations, we are active with engaging and welcoming all students.

If you would like more information, please drop us an e-mail in the "Questions" section, or stop by and chat with our advisor, Mrs. McMillion in room B211. We look forward to meeting you!